moving from a house of many years

moving from a house of many years

Three Add-On Services To Ask Your Professional Moving Company About

by Siiri Salonen

Moving companies offer more than loading and unloading your moving truck. If you want to make your moving experience as stress-free as possible, talk to your moving company about add-on services you can select to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Here are just a few options to choose from to make your moving day stress-free.

Electronics Breakdown And Setup

Figuring out the jumble of wires behind your television or computer can be a bit frustrating, but some moving companies will tackle this task for you. The moving staff will disconnect and package all the wiring for you, pack your electronics, and then set everything up at your new home. If you want to have your television mounted on the wall in your new home, you may be able to have the moving company handle this installation for you as well. Remember to ask about having television mounts removed from your old space as part of your electronics breakdown and setup service.

Move-Out Cleaning

Once all of your items are removed from your old apartment or house, you'll still need to make sure it is clean for the next residents. If you prefer not to spend your moving day getting settled into your new home instead of cleaning your old one, ask your moving company about move-out cleaning services. These services cover a range of cleaning tasks, including:

  • Mopping, sweeping and vacuuming
  • Wiping down walls
  • Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom          
  • Taking out trash

You can also arrange to have the moving company do a final cleanup of your new apartment or house before your items are moved in. This means you'll have less work to do as you get settled into your new home.

Furniture Disposal

If you are planning on purchasing new furniture for your new home, there's no need to bring your old items with you when you move. You can arrange with your moving company to have any unwanted furniture disposed of for you. This means you won't have to make special arrangements with your trash pickup service, and you won't have to bring your old sofa, bed or dining room table to your new home. You can also arrange to have the moving company dispose of moving boxes and other trash resulting from your move.

Ask your professional moving company for a quote covering your basic moving costs and a separate estimate for add-on services. You can then choose the individual options that fit your needs and your moving budget.


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moving from a house of many years

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