moving from a house of many years

moving from a house of many years

Want To Turn Your Attic Into A Yoga Studio? 3 Tips For Putting Items Into Storage

by Siiri Salonen

Although it depends on your attic, you could have a fairly compact or enormous space for storage. Your garage, basement, attic, and closets are the main locations in which you will store things. But, when you want to transform your attic into a more functional space, such as a yoga studio, you must clear it out. Following a few tips on getting your things safely to storage can make for an overall positive experience.

Skip Climate Control, If Not Needed

With a regular unit running $75 to $140 and a climate controlled unit just starting at $115, you will enjoy the savings that you get by not having to worry about anything that must be kept under mild conditions.

However, if you intend on storing items that could be damaged by a lack of climate control -- such as artwork or clothing -- climate control should be made a priority.

Use Plastic Bins

While you may have managed to keep your attic dry by maintaining the roof and avoiding leaks, you may not be able to guarantee such a thing when renting a storage unit. Skipping climate control means most of your options will revolve around outdoor facilities or ones that at least have outdoor units.

If you have an interest in being environmentally friendly, going for plastic bins is an ideal choice. Also, being able to protect everything that has been in your attic from water damage is a huge plus. It is a worthwhile investment because you cannot do a storage checkup in a few seconds. You have to get dressed, head down to the storage facility at the right time, and then inspect all of the items inside.

Go Up, Not Outward

Sure, you could rent a large storage, such as from Bill King Moving, unit to easily hold everything in your attic. But, going in without much of a plan may have you spending more than you need to on unit rent. It is ideal to use freestanding shelves that allow you to stack plastic bins in a vertical manner, but without making it troublesome for you. This also provides another protective layer because your things will not be exposed to the floor at all. If you intend on keeping your storage unit for a long time, you can measure how high your storage unit will be, and then you can go through the process of making your own freestanding shelving units.

Following these tips will help you have an easy time storing things and making room for a yoga studio.


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moving from a house of many years

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