moving from a house of many years

moving from a house of many years

Strategic Packing For An Upcoming Move

by Siiri Salonen

Moving can be stressful as it is, but procrastinating can just compound this stressful process. Part of moving has to do with the initial packing needed for an upcoming move. There are a few strategies that you can put into place to make your packing process more efficient. Here are four strategic packing tips that can help you survive an upcoming move.

1. Label all Boxes

While you might think that you'll remember what you packed in specific boxes, things will get busy fast. Help commercial movers out by at least labeling boxes for the locations that they will need to be set in at your new space. If you can add a list of specific smaller items, this will help you when unpacking knickknacks and housewares. Especially with movers, fragile items should be indicated outside of boxes with labels so that movers know to take precautions.

2. Pack all Items Well

While you might just want to get packing over with and throw items haphazardly into boxes, you might end up doing your items a disservice during the move process. Commercial moving services will try their best to take care moving your items as securely as possible and with little disruption. But if you haven't packed well, housewares such as dishes and appliances might not stand a chance in your move.

3. Like With Like

When you are unpacking on the other end of your move, you aren't going to remember exactly what you packed in each box. Even if these are labeled, it is a good idea to pack things the way you would like to unpack and organize them on the other end. This might take a little extra foresight, but it will ultimately save you both time and headaches when unpacking.

4. Packing Personal Items

Keep items you'll need last and first nearby. If you will be traveling in your car separately from movers, put some thought into your personal travel items. The same goes for kids and pets and their immediate needs. Be sure to keep toiletries, medications, and items you will need for the road out and ready to pack in a separate backpack or suitcase for your trip.

While packing can take some extra thought and care, it is worth it to do this correctly and in a way that will protect your things. You will thank yourself on the other end of your move when your items arrive organized and safe. Be sure to put some effort into packing up front to make your overall move more efficient and easier during all stages of the process.

For more tips and information, talk with local moving companies, such as Father & Son Moving & Storage.


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moving from a house of many years

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