moving from a house of many years

moving from a house of many years

Transporting Tranquility -- 5 Steps To Moving Your Hot Tub

by Siiri Salonen

Many homeowners decide to leave their spas in place when they sell their homes. But it can be economically and emotionally worthwhile to take it with you as well. If you've decided to move the spa to your new home, here is a 5 step guide to moving it successfully and painlessly.

Disconnect and Drain the Spa

Start by shutting off the power to your hot tub at the main circuit breaker box. This will prevent any electrical accidents as you shut off the power at the spa controls. Remove any plugs inside the spa panel and store them safely in a marked box that will be kept near the spa during the move. Follow up by draining all the water from the hot tub according to your manufacturer's instructions. Wipe off the entire shell to ensure it's safe and clean for the move. 

Clear the Route

Create a clear path to the moving truck before you even lift the spa itself. Make sure the area is wide enough for the movers to maneuver around the tub during transit and that any walking obstructions are removed. 

Prepare the Tub to Lift

The best way to move the hot tub is to lift each side and place a sheet of 4x4 lumber underneath it. This lifts the spa off the ground and forms a solid base to use when transporting the spa by dollies. Be sure you have sufficient help to raise the spa, since it can often appear easier than it actually is to life and control the large base. 

Use the Right Dolly

The best dolly for the job will be determined by the route to the moving truck. If the surface is flat and relatively even, you can use two basic furniture dollies (one on each side). If you have to take the spa up or down stairs or on steeper terrain, you do best by opting for appliance dollies (which have straps for securing the spa to the dolly). Place a third dolly on the front of the spa to help guide and secure it while moving. 

Cover and Secure

Once the spa has been moved to the truck, make sure the 4x4 lumber is secure and steady, then slowly remove the dollies. Cover the spa with a large blanket and strap it into place inside the truck. The shell of the hot tub can be easily damaged, so be sure it's completely tied down—you may even want to test it by moving the truck a little and re-securing the spa's straps. 

If you don't have sufficient help to safely lift and control the hot tub while moving—or if you are just uncomfortable with the process—it may be best to work with professional movers to get it to its new home. But whether you do it yourself or you hire help (from companies like Advanced Movers), you'll be certain to enjoy your spa at your new home just as much as you did at your old one.


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moving from a house of many years

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