moving from a house of many years

moving from a house of many years

Four Ways To Make Your Next Move Easier

by Siiri Salonen

When you're preparing for a move, the chaos and long to-do lists can often lead to things being overlooked and last-minute scrambles. Before you start packing, it's important to note that the way you pack and prepare will have a significant effect on how successful the process is. Here are some tips to help you tackle your move with ease.

Packing Preparations

If you want your boxes to be easy to handle, you'll need to make sure that you're distributing the weight evenly. In larger boxes, dedicate most of the space to soft things like pillows and comforters. Put a layer of heavy things, like books or canned things, on the bottom.

In addition, make sure you don't put things from multiple rooms into a box. Keep things separated to make it easier to sort the boxes out by room and unpack them when everything in the box goes in one room.

Don't leave any empty space in boxes, either. Empty space allows things to rattle around, which can get things broken. Add a small pillow, blanket or packing paper to the top of every box to make sure that the space is filled.

Taping Boxes

When you construct your packing boxes or tape them closed, make sure you cover the seams well. Put two strips of tape over the seam when you fold the flaps over. Then, put a strip of tape along each of the two open sides. That way, even small items can't slip out under a flap.

Using Specialty Packaging

When you're moving valuables, like art or glass collectibles, ask your moving company about specialty packing materials. Sometimes, padded packing boxes and custom-sized crates are the safest way to handle things like this. If you have large mirrors, you'll want mirror boxes, too.

Cutting Packing Material Costs

Moving is an expensive proposition under any circumstances, but that doesn't mean that there aren't ways to save. For example, you can cut the cost of your packing materials significantly by making use of what you already have in the house. For example, instead of bubble wrap or packing paper to wrap your plates and other kitchen breakables, separate them in clothing, towels or linens. That adds padding to protect things from breaking and makes the most of that packing space.

Also, the plastic wrap material designed to adhere to anything makes a great investment for moving drawers and silverware trays. Cover the drawers with plastic wrap, pressing it down on the edges of the drawers to seal it in place.

With these tips, you can make your move easier and save a lot of frustration. Talk with your moving company about other tips or to see if they can pack the house for you as part of the moving contract. For more information about moving, take a look at the site here.


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moving from a house of many years

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