moving from a house of many years

moving from a house of many years

3 Tips To Help Ensure Your Long Distance Move Goes Smoothly

by Siiri Salonen

Moving day is always a little stressful, regardless of how far away your new residence is. But if you are about to relocate somewhere far away, it's understandable if you're freaking out just a little bit. While there are good practices to follow for a move of any length, you will need to keep some additional things in mind if you want your long distance move to go off without a hitch. Here are 3 tips to help ensure that you are prepared when the long distance movers show up at your door.

It's Garage Sale Time

With most long distance movers, you will be paying not just for their time but for the amount of weight that is being hauled to the new location. This means that your upcoming move is the perfect opportunity to do something you've probably wanted to do for a while anyway: get rid of all the junk you don't need anymore. Unless an item is critical to your livelihood or has incredible sentimental value, it's time to start putting some stuff on the chopping block. If you have time, consider having a garage sale to make some profit off of all of that old stuff as it could help pay for the move. If you don't have time for a garage sale, call up a local charity and donate all of those old clothes and toys your family doesn't need anymore.

Transport Some Things Yourself

It's not just your stuff that needs to be transported; you and your family will also need to get to the destination safely. If you will be driving instead of flying, use this as an opportunity to take some things yourself. Rent a trailer that you can tow behind you and put smaller items inside. You can leave the furniture and heavy, bulky stuff to the long distance movers, but if you transport a lot of other stuff yourself, you could save a decent amount of money because the overall weight towed by the movers will be a lot less.

Pack Necessities for the Entire Delivery Window

If you are truly moving across the country, the moving company will likely give you a window of time as to when your things will arrive instead of a specific date. Things can go wrong during the moving process and can cause your belongings to be delayed. Make sure that you take enough clothing and other major essentials with you in your car or suitcases so that you aren't left in need of something important while you are waiting for the moving company to arrive at your new residence.

If you have a long distance move coming up, this is the perfect time to sell off or donate some of the things you don't need anymore. You can also try transporting at least a few things yourself to keep the overall weight of the transport down. Finally, ensure that you and your family will be OK if the delivery is late by packing essential items to hold you over until the movers arrive. Click for more info on long distance moves.


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moving from a house of many years

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