moving from a house of many years

moving from a house of many years

  • Want To Turn Your Attic Into A Yoga Studio? 3 Tips For Putting Items Into Storage

    Although it depends on your attic, you could have a fairly compact or enormous space for storage. Your garage, basement, attic, and closets are the main locations in which you will store things. But, when you want to transform your attic into a more functional space, such as a yoga studio, you must clear it out. Following a few tips on getting your things safely to storage can make for an overall positive experience.

  • Avoiding Pitfalls When Moving To A Country With A New Language

    Moving overseas, whether on your own or with your family, likely means a complete change in lifestyle. Especially if you are going to a country that has a native language that you still do not speak fluently, you will need to organize your life in a completely different manner. Here are a few tips on setting up your life when you are adjusting to overseas living and a brand new language.

  • Three Ways To Avoid A Moving Agreement Nightmare

    Are you planning a move? If so, you may be wondering what is the best approach to getting your items moved to your new residence. There are a few things you can do to ensure that your move is not a disaster. You can do the following things to avoid havoc and have a more pleasant and predictable relocation experience.  Avoid making your decision based solely on the cheapest option.

  • Storage Solutions For Blended Families

    If you and your new spouse are combining your families under one roof, this can be an exciting but stressful time for everyone. You might be baffled by how much stuff your families have and wonder how this will all fit into your newly blended home. The good news is you can take advantage of storage unit options to help. Here are four ideas when it comes to storage uses for newly blended families.

  • 3 Tips To Make Your Move Less Stressful

    Moving from one place to another can cause a lot of anxiety. This is the reason most people would rather stay put than having to relocate from one area to another one. However, there are numerous life situations that demand you to move. The key to getting to where you need to go is by taking the time to find ways that will make your transition a smoother one and your move less stressful for you.

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moving from a house of many years

If you are getting ready to move and you've lived in your home for quite a while, you can quickly get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that you have to move. If you have advance notice of the move, you can start clearing the house out slowly. When I was packing up our home of nearly twenty years, I knew that I was in for a lot of work. I decided to start 6 months before we moved and slowly began clearing the house out and putting what I wanted to keep for the new home in storage. Use what I have included here on my blog to get through this difficult time a little easier.